Azərbaycan Respublikası Ekologiya və Təbii Sərvətlər Nazirliyi
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Azərbaycan Respublikası Ekologiya və Təbii Sərvətlər Nazirliyi

Azərbaycan Respublikası Ekologiya və Təbii Sərvətlər Nazirliyi


Shahdag National Park was established in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan № 1814, dated December 8, 2006. Its territory is primarily 115895 ha. Ismayilli and Pirqulu State Nature Reserves consist 21014 ha, state forest foundation lands located in the administrative territories of Quba, Qusar, Ismayilli, Qabala, Oguz and Shamakhi regions compose 81797 ha and useless summer pastures in mountains situated in the heights of boundaries of those regions compose 13084 ha of the National Park.

The territory of the National Park was enlarged 14613 ha with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan № 193/S, dated July 8, 2010, hence its territory was reached 130508 ha. The aim of establishment of the Shahdag National Park is rehabilitation, maintenance and management of global mountain forests and pasture ecosystems located in high mountainous areas including various endemic and endangered species and transboundary migratory animals, preservation of fertile soil layer, protection, reproduction and enrichment of fauna and flora species characteristic for the area, as well as regulation of natural complex stability, offer of all necessary facilities for the implementation of scientific-research works, environmental monitoring, environmental enlightenment of population and provision of development of ecotourism in the territory which has great tourism potential.

The height of the National Park territory has substantially caused its climatic diversity, fertility of flora soils and richness of animal planet. The forests located in the territory are popular with rich, fascinating and picturesque landscape. Vertical fluctuation and scatter of relief, complex climate condition and soil lay has triggered pretty great diversity of flora.


Forest ecosystem
Steppe and coniferous forests are spread in the negligible quantity, while broad-leaved forests, foothill and alpine medows are typical for the Shahdag area. Vegetation in general is characterised with oak (Querco-Carpinetum). Quercus cataneifolia and S. Macranthera are prevalent in humid places of the Park. Quercus anatolica, S. hypochrys, S. Iberica, S. longipes are encountered in relatively dry areas.

İn addition to these forests Carpinus caucasica, C. oxycarpa və C. orientalis, Acer laetum, A. campestris, A. pseudoplatanus, Fraxinus excelsior, Populus nigra, T. platyphyllos, Sorbus torminalis, Prunus mahleb, P. ovum, P. incana, P. microcarpa, Pyrus caucasica, P.boisseriana. Malus orientalis, Cornus avellana, C.Iberica, C.mas exist in the Park as well.

The flora of the Park between 1300-1600 m level turn Querco-Carpinetum staged Querco-Fagetum, vegetaion derives from Fagus orientalis, Quercus macranthera, S. castaneifolia, Populus tremula, Prunus divaricata, Fraxinus coriarifolia, Pyrus caucasica, P. hyrcana, Malus orientalis, Sambucus nigra, Lonicera caucasica, Viburnum opalus, and so on.


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