Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic
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National Parks

National parks - areas having status of nature conservative and scientific-research institutions where natural complexes of preferential ecological, historical, aesthetic and likewise importance located on and, used for nature conservative, enlightenment, scientific, cultural and other purposes. Functions of the national parks are as follows:

- to preserve natural complexes, exotic and standard natural zones, historical-cultural sites;
- to create opportunities for tourism and rest (recreation);
- to develop and apply scientific methods of nature conservation and ecological enlightenment;
- to enlighten the population from ecological standpoint;
- to implement ecological enlightenment;
- to restore the damaged natural and historical-cultural complexes and sites.


22/10/2014. Rainbow Eucalyptus, Most Beautiful Tree Bark on Earth
17/10/2014. Sailing stones
14/10/2014. Earthquake jolts Japan
10/10/2014. Ceratonia
08/10/2014. Moeraki Boulder

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