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National Parks: Altiaghaj National Park

Baku- Altiaghaj-120 km
 Location area: Greater Caucasus
 Area: 11 035 hectares
 Fauna:  roe deer, brown bear, wild boar, lynx, raccoon
 Flora: Caucasian oak, Caucasian hornbeam, beech
 Landscape: mountainous forests

Altiaghaj National Park was established in August 2004. The National Park is located  in Khizi and Siyazan regions. It was created in an area of 11 035 hectares on the base of Altiaghaj State Natural Reserve and adjacent state owned forest lands.
The main objective in the creation of the National Park is to ensure the conservation of basic components of the natural landscape of the southeastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, the rehabilitation of flora and fauna species, the implementation of environmental education along with tourism and recreation.
Brown forest mountainous, humic carbon forest mountainous, steppe grassland mountainous and other types of terrains are found in the National Park’s area.

The climate here is moderately warm and dry both in winter and summer. The largest river in the area is Atachay. Taking its origin at a height of 1870 meters in Dubrar Mountain the Atachay river flows into the Caspian Sea.
The major part of the park is composed of areas covered with forests. The main tree species are Caucasian oak, Caucasian hornbeam, oriental beech, ash and birch. Shrub species occurring in the area include hawthorn, dog-rose and blackberry.
Roe deer, brown bear, wild boar, lynx, raccoon, hair, fox, squirrel, wolf of mammals and pheasant, partridge, eagle, thrush, goatsucker, ring-dove of birds are found in the National Park.    

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