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National Parks: Absheron National Park

Baku-Zira-70 km
Location area: south-west end of Absheron peninsula, Shah dili territory
Area: 783 hectares
Fauna: Caspian turtle, adder, silver sea gull, Caspian seal, gazelle
Landscape: semidesert

Absheron National Park was established in 8 February 2005 by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic in the administrative area of Azizbayov district, on the base of Absheron State Nature Sanctuary. Its area constitutes of 783 hectares. National Park is located in the South-East end of Absheron Peninsula, in the area of Shah Dili.
The main objective of the establishment of the National Park is to ensure the protection of nature, conservation of endangered rare flora and fauna species (Caspian seal, gazelle, tufted duck, herring gull, mallard and etc.), implementation of environmental monitoring, as well as public environmental education along with ecotourism and recreation.

Terrain core is not well-developed. The area is covered by seashore sands.
Semi desert and moderate warm climate type of dry steppes preails in National Park.
Seashore sand plants, weed-reed and wedge meadows, annual salt-marsh weed are spread. Ephemeres  grow in early spring.
Green toad, lake frog of amphibes, common tortoise, Caspian turtle, Transcaucasian agama, Schneiders gold skink, stepperunner, collard dwarf snake, water grass snake, adder and etc. of reptiles, silver sea gull, mute swan, tufted duck, mallard, great white egret, coot, marsh harrier, kentish plover and etc. of birds, gazelle, wolf, jackal, wild cat, raccoon, fox, badger, hare, seal of mammals and also different fish (in the Caspian Sea) occur in the National Park.

A lot of Caspian seals are spread in the Caspian sea area of  Absheron National Park.The name of this species is included in records book of “Gynness” as the least seal in the World Ocean.
Creation of Absheron National Park will enable conservation and rehabilitation of rare nature complexes, gazelles and waterbirds.

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